Teal Pumpkin Project® at Vital Wellness Center!

Join us on Halloween from 3pm to 6pm for food allergy-friendly trick or treating!


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New Patient Back-to-School Special!


It's "back-to-school" for the kids and we can help them learn!

New Patient Special: Make a donation to our school supply drive and receive a FREE chiropractic exam and x-rays for your child!*

Drop off supplies at:

Vital Wellness Center

880 North Main Street

Elburn, IL 60119

For more information give us a call: (630) 365-9887

*Existing patients: Refer a new patient for this special and receive a FREE 30 minute infrared sauna session!

Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle - with HorsePower!

Together, Dr. David Foss of Vital Wellness Center and Carrie Capes (HorsePower Co-Founder and Program Director, Recreation Therapist and PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor) are teaming up to bring you a special presentation that will cover the following topics:

•Why Autism is Skyrocketing

•Cutting Edge Therapies to Enhance Brain Function

•Natural Solutions to Improve Health and Well-being of Children with Autism

Join us for this special presentation!

Tuesday May 8th, 2018 at 7:00pm

Vital Wellness Center

880 N. Main Street | Elburn, IL 60119

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Is Your Child Part of the 54%?

One core mission in our practice is to challenge the status quo. This is the set of beliefs that people acquire regarding their health that they then consider as the ultimate truth.

You may be alarmed to know that 54% of children in the United States have been diagnosed with one or more chronic illness. Vocal “authorities” on the matter would have you believe that this is simply the new normal.

You won’t be surprised to hear that we vehemently challenge that assertion.

In recent years, the mainstream media has given a platform to the vocal majority on the already polarizing matter of child vaccinations. However, we understand that decisions regarding your child’s health are not so black and white. The health crisis pertaining to youth in our country is much more nuanced. There are a number of factors threatening the health of your child.

We believe that the solution begins at your kitchen table. It is certainly easier to trust the “authorities”. But the reality is, a well informed parent makes for a healthier child. You can’t afford to abdicate total responsibility for the health of your child to health practitioners. To that end, we’d like to spend the next few weeks providing you with actionable strategies that you can implement (immediately) at home to better support long lasting improvements in the health and wellbeing of your child.

Check back with us each Monday as we provide a range of effective solutions:

Advocating For Your Child

Become an indispensable member of your child’s health team

Are You Ignoring A Crucial Element of Your Child’s Health?

Making nutrition a priority

Gut Check

Simple steps to heal the gut and support the body

Easy Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immunity

Spoiler: They don’t include vaccinations!

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